CEED – Cultural Emergence Effective Design Course 2019


10th to 15th September 2019


Looby Macnamara

Andy Goldring


Applewood Permaculture Centre

Course Description

The CEED course is one of the modules of the Cultural Emergence learning pathway.  We focus on how we can manifest our goals and visions effectively.

This training will give you the confidence and skills to design any aspect of your life. We will be using the Design Web to create a design for ourselves as well as exploring how it can best be used in different scenarios.

Looby will be joined by Andy Goldring (CEO of the Permaculture Association). Andy will be bringing his extensive experience of designing effective collaborations. He will be sharing his pioneering approach to creating EDGE's - Emergent Dynamic Governance Ecosystems. There is also the opportunity on this course for organisations to bring a small group of people to work together in design groups.

During our time together we will focus on how we can dedicate our energy to finding effective solutions for ourselves and the world. This will be a richly nourishing, empowering and truly life transforming course.

The foundation for this course is the creation of our own designs. This enables us to integrate the learning into our entire being as well as having a tangible outcome. We will work on designs individually as well as in class time, and This will be a richly textured course with creative teaching methods used throughout, such as group work, discussions, observation, visualisations. These are supportive of different learning styles & for people with learning difficulties. There will also be plenty of fun and games, socialising, singing and music.

Come prepared to stretch yourself, learn with your whole being and create a new direction in your life.

Empowerment is the essence of the course. We will be using practical and theoretical teaching methods to create a fun, lively & inclusive course. As a group we will benefit from collaborative learning & from having fun together. We recognise that everyone has their own unique skills, knowledge & areas of interest to bring to the course.

  • A powerful design for manifesting your own goals and visions
  • Insights into the challenges and opportunities of collaborative and organisational design
  • Time for self-reflection, self-awareness and growth.
  • A space to nourish you and your own unique gifts and grow your confidence.
  • The chance to consider and clarify your contribution to the world.
  • Deep connections and the creation of community with like minded people.
  • Nourishing food, fun, music and creative ideas.
  • Time to nurture your growth and the visions you hold, empowering you to keep to your true path in life.

This course can be particularly useful for anyone who

  • Is at a turning point in their lives
  • Working with other people in a project or organisation
  • Wishing to bring more effectiveness into their lives
  • Is already on their Cultural Emergence learning pathway
  • Permaculture designers who wish to extend their experience into people based designs

I feel I am going away packed with new tools and inspiration and I’m ready to create a positive shift and change the world through conscious design, love and kindness. Thank you for the wonderful time and for sharing with us everything that makes it special.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and nudging the possibility for a new culture to emerge within me, with me and around me.

Not enough words for the training - wonderful, deep, inspiration for a real cultural change and emergence.


Arrivals are on Tuesday 10th September 2019 and the course will begin at 3pm - we will finish at 2pm on Sunday 15th September 2019


  • Concession places  -  £495  (means-tested benefits, students limited to 4 places); (Early bird  £445 )
  • Low waged - £595 (<£15K/year); (Early bird  £545)
  • Waged and non profit organisations - £695 (Early bird £645) 
  • Organisations - £795 (Early bird  £745) 

We are open for group bookings for groups of 4-7 people who wish to work on a collaborative design together.

Please note Concessions are limited to 4 places on a first come first served basis. Earlybird discount available for bookings before 30th April 2019.  Costs include all tuition, camping and meals. 


For enquiries and to express your interest and booking please contact:

 Email Emma applewoodcourses@yahoo.com

This course will be mainly camping with a few indoor beds in the bunkroom for those who need it.

We will be catered for by our wonderful cooks Mary and Emma, who lovingly prepare wholesome vegetarian food. They can cater for vegan and gluten free diets as well. Much of the produce comes direct from our gardens onto our plates.


Applewood Permaculture Centre is based in North Hereforshire. Our nearest train stations are Ludlow or Leominster.

Postcode is SY8 4JG - Orleton Common (more details provided on booking)

If you are coming from overseas please contact Emma for more information about the different transport options

Facilitators & Venue

As well as time spent at Applewood hosting and teaching courses and gardening on the land here, Looby leads a productive career as a pioneer of permaculture and Cultural Emergnece. Looby is author of People and Permaculture, 7 Ways to Think Differently and Strands of Infinity. People and Permaculture Is the first book globally to translate the use of permaculture principles and design for people based systems, widening the definition of permaculture and making it relevant and accessible to all. She is creator of the Design Web, a holistic design framework that has been used thousands of times globally for all sorts of personal and social designs. Looby has been chair of the Permaculture Association Britain and is a senior diploma tutor.
Andy Goldring is Chief Executive of the Permaculture Association, a post he has held since 1999. He is currently working on a series of international network building projects including: the European Permaculture Network; Ecolise (Transition Towns, Ecovillage Networks, Permaculture and other Community Led Sustainability initiatives); and the Permaculture Co-Lab – an initiative that seeks to enhance the coherence and effectiveness of local to global permaculture networks.

In 2018, Andy submitted an entry to the Global Challenges Foundation's $5M 'New Shape' prize, to develop his thinking about strategy for the global permaculture network. 2702 people entered and 14 made it to the final, including Andy. He will be bringing his ideas about EDGE's - Emergent, Dynamic Governance Ecosystems into this course.

Andy lives in Yorkshire and is an active teacher and designer and contributor to local initiatives including Leeds Love it Share It CIC, Feed Leeds and the Leeds Permaculture Network. He cycles to work, tends a small garden and lives with his family in a retrofitted Victorian terraced house.

Looby and Andy have been collaborators in various projects over the last 15 years, in particular when Looby was chair of the Permaculture Association.

Applewood Permaculture Centre

Applewood is home to Looby and family. We have a stunning 20 acre smallholding. We are in our early days of setting up permaculture gardens and demonstrations. We have a variety of indoor spaces as well as a marquee in the orchard as an outdoor classroom in good weather.

There are many beautiful, diverse habitats here, with much mystery and magic and opportunities for deep nature connection.