PEACE – Peace, Empowerment and Cultural Emergence 2019

22nd -28th July 2019

Looby Macnamara 
Jon Young
Maddy Harland

Applewood Permaculture Centre, Herefordshire, UK

Course Description

Join Looby Macnamara, Starhawk, Jon Young and Maddy Harland for this nurturing experience to discover tools for positive cultural evolution.

This is an exciting opportunity to learn and converse with the co-founders and collaborators of the Cultural Emergence project and to be part of the global activation and development of Cultural Emergence. 

This module of the Cultural Emergence toolkit gives us the opportunity to deeply connect with ourselves, each other and the more than human world. It is an experiential journey to finding peace and empowerment within ourselves. We can carry these tools forward to emerge a peaceful culture in our own lives.

Having been involved in permaculture for some time exploring ways to bring its richness into other areas of justice work for social and environmental change, I found the Cultural Emergence course just what I was looking for to broaden my work in these areas. The  program embodied the principles and practices it was teaching in its very design and implementation. Creative, imaginative, and well facilitated by experienced mentors in the field, it was a wonderful blend of rich discussion and application of the concepts of cultural emergence. Combining this in the beautiful outdoor setting of Applewood Permaculture with plenty of reflective time in nature, wonderful food and new friendships with people from around the world made it one of those life changing events I’ll draw from for years to come. It was both personally and professionally enriching and I highly recommend it to anyone preparing and designing for a better future.

Ken, Canada
During the PEACE course we will learn

• how to use the Cultural Emergence toolkit in our own lives to become more intentional in making our relationships kinder, more connected and truly regenerative.

• how to integrate the principles and practices of Cultural Emergence into our everyday lives to empower us to make changes

•deep nature connections practices to enhance our well-being

• tools and principles for creating an active practice of Peacemaking in our lives, for ourselves and our relationships

• methods for effective and empowering Collaboration and Co-creation

the PEACE course is also being held in Sweden in August

This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with like minded people and create a collaborative learning community. Participants will get a chance to connect with each of the facilitators and share wisdom and stories with them. The use of the toolkit will be embedded into the course itself to create a culture of connection, care and empowerment, that invites us all to shine our gifts and invites emergent wisdom to flow through the group. Through interactive, lively and participatory processes we will become familiar with the practices of Cultural Emergence. We will be immersed in the natural world, and continually deepening our connection. We will be connecting with the bigger vision for humanity and how we can play our part in bringing this vision into reality.  

The intention is to come away  nourished and empowered to live the life we want to live and make a positive contribution to humanity. This is an opportunity to come to a beautiful place, meet amazing people and gift yourself with some quality time and connection.

It is a wonderful chance to connect, collaborate and spend quality time and  these 4 highly experienced facilitators.

It will be particularly useful and relevant to
  •  The course is accessible for anyone wishing to create more peace, empowerment and connection into their lives and relationships
  • Those working towards a holistic sustainable vision for humanity
  • People wanting a deeper grounding in skills and principles that support healthy relationships
  • People involved in creating healthy communities through Transition initiatives and other community projects.
  • 8 Shields practitioners, village builders and community facilitators
  • Permaculturists wanting to increase their knowledge or specialise in people permaculture (personal and social permaculture)
  • People interested in supporting nature connection practices

It is beneficial (but not essential) for people to do the ACE - Activating Cultural Emergence course prior to attendance to lay the foundations of the Cultural Emergence toolkit and enable deeper learning.

ACE courses available - online, face-to-face courses  at Applewood in June 2019.

See Cultural Emergence Learning Pathways for more information about the different modules.

WOW! What an incredible fertile space of love and creation! Thank you so much for sharing your land, knowledge and love with us all. I feel empowered with the tools to create ripples of revolution.





We will be fully catered for by our wonderful cooks Mary and Emma. All our food is vegetarian which much of the produce grown at Applewood. We can cater for vegan and gluten free diets. (some people say it's worth coming on our courses just for the food!)

This course is camping. There are a few indoor beds available for those that can’t camp. We have extra tents and bedding available for people to borrow if needed.


 22nd -28th July 2019

The course begins at 3pm on Monday 22nd and finishes at lunchtime on Sunday 28th July.



This is a chance to invest in your ongoing development and life path.

Places are limited to 22 only on this course, so please do sign up early, you can secure your place with a deposit of £130.

£775 concessions (limited to 3 places on a first come first served basis), PLACES STILL AVAILABLE

£850 low waged (under £15K a year) PLACES STILL AVAILABLE


Costs include all tuition, food and camping.

Earlybird discount of £50 before 7th March 2019 (£725 concessions, £800 low waged, £875 waged).

It is possible to pay in installments.

We realise that this course might be beyond people’s time and financial commitment. You may find the ACE (Activating Cultural Emergence) course, which runs over a weekend, more accessible and a great place to begin your Cultural Emergence learning Journey. Follow this link to find out more Activating Cultural Emergence 2019


For further details and to apply for a place on the course please contact Emma


Applewood Permaculture Centre is based in North Hereforshire. Our nearest train stations are Ludlow or Leominster.

Postcode is SY8 4JG - Orleton Common (more details provided on booking)

If you are coming from overseas please contact Emma for more information about the different transport options

Facilitators & Venue

Starhawk is the author of The Empowerment Manual: A Guide for Collaborative Groups and 11 other books. She brings forty or more years of experience with horizontal, co-creative organizing, facilitating, and teaching, a lifetime of experiences sometimes wonderful, sometimes horrific! Her special interests are in working across the lines of diversity, and in helping groups learn the communication tools and interpersonal skills to navigate conflict.

Starhawk and Looby have co-facilitated together Social Permaculture and Cultural Emergence courses in the UK and US.

So honoured and happy to be able to join you in this beautiful and nurturing place


Jon Young is co-developer of the Cultural Emergence toolkit with Looby. He is founder of the 8 Shields Institute. He is an acknowledged expert on mentoring especially with respect to deep nature connection and culture. Jon was mentored himself by numerous Native Elders from traditional cultures of Europe, Africa and North America; he also has been mentored by practitioners of music, martial arts, life-coaching, health & wellbeing, and business. Jon is an inspirational storyteller who has been invited all over the world to share his vision of a truly regenerative and peaceful world. Jon is author of What the Robin knows, and co-author of Coyote's Guide to connecting with nature. Jon’s current projects are geared to manifest the vision of humans returning to balance with the natural world and one another.

The spirit of this land is healing.

Jon Young

Maddy Harland co-founded Permanent Publications in 1990 and Permaculture magazine in 1992 which she still edits. She is author of Fertile Edges – Regenerating Land, Culture and Hope. Maddy helped set up The Sustainability Centre in 1995, a former Naval base, now a thriving educational charity on the South Downs in Hampshire, UK where she is on the Board of Trustees.

Maddy is also a founder of Gaia Education. She is a Visiting Knowledge and Exchange Fellow of the University of Winchester and an advisor to Common Earth, a Commonwealth initiative to reverse climate change.  She has a passion for regenerative food forests and wilderness.

Maddy and Looby have had a long history of collaboration, firstly with Maddy editing and publishing Looby's books and over the last few years they have been co-facilitating many courses at Applewood.

Applewood is a very beautiful place, a rural retreat where I can relax, engage in deep learning and connect intimately with the natural world. I love the dynamic flexibility of working with Looby as it allows for a creative, emergent process where new understandings and insights can emerge for all involved.

Maddy Harland
Looby Macnamara is co-developer of the Cultural Emergence toolkit with Jon Young. She is an experienced permaculture teacher, author and designer. She is author of 3 books People and Permaculture and 7 Ways to Think Differently. People and Permaculture is the first book to directly translate the principles and design methods of permaculture from land to people. Looby enjoys using creative teaching methods to create a fun and collaborative learning environment.
The Venue
The land and all of the beings here provide an ideal environment for connecting deeply with the more than human world. We will be blessed with spending summer days in the marquee in the orchard, and evenings around the campfire with stories, song and music accompanied by owl hoots. Nature is said to be the best teacher, and at Applewood we will be immersed in the more than human world, allowing for the learning to become a truly embodied experience.

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